If it's free, it's me

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

This is my mantra at work. I have a way of finding free things, like gifts, beauty products and even writers. And I like to pass those things on to you, our readers.

Let's take our lead story on diabetes, for example. I wrote it, so, FREE! I covered the interview with Mitchel Musso, so, FREE! An entire education guide for you, dear reader? FREE! This entire magazine? FREE! What's not free? Kids. Kids are definitely NOT free. Which is why we bring you this priceless info each and every month in print, and daily online.

So let's talk about that lead story. Did you know November is Diabetes Awareness Month? Did you know my oldest son has diabetes?

There - now you're aware. The story of type 1 (or insulin dependent) diabetes is one that is seldom told. We've all heard about type 2 (or adult onset) diabetes, so what's the difference between the two? Well, read and find out. While you're at it, find out why Mitchel Musso is on the cover with kids from the local chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

And since it's now November(!), we have Thanksgiving covered. Read TheBAG Lady's article on how to have a king's meal on a pauper's budget. Also follow her Turkey Tracker for the lowest bird prices in town. Plus, how can you teach kids to be more thankful? Read Melissa Dutton's story for real-life ways to show the value of generosity and thankfulness. The Golden Rule still rules!

Also in this issue is our special how-to section. These little tidbits (or giblets) of info are for you to keep in mind should you want to start a blog or maybe even a book club.

Finally, you asked for it - you got it! Our first ever Education Resource Guide! This guide, put together in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Education, has the most accurate and comprehensive list of schools in central Ohio. We hope this becomes an annual publication that you can use to make one of the most important decisions for your children - where to get the best education.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!