November book choices

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The Missing Chick

By Valeri Gorbachev

Mother Hen is hanging out the wash when she discovers that one of her seven chicks has gone missing - she can't seem to find him anywhere! An exciting search is formed for the missing chick which includes neighbors, police and even firefighters. Ages 2-6.

Miss Smith and the Haunted Library

By Michael Garland

Miss Smith and her class go to the haunted library to hear scary stories and all of the characters come alive to join the kids in the library. The children are a little scared at first until all of the characters start a party! Ages 4-8.

The Tushy Book

By Fran Manushkin

A silly book about people's tushies. This book has great illustrations and simple text all about people and the happenings of their tushies - one of toddlers' favorite subjects. Ages 1-4.

The Teashop Girls

By Laura Schaefer

Annie is finally working at The Steeping Leaf, which is the teashop her grandmother owns. The Leaf has been part of her life forever, but now it might close. Annie and her friends (known as the Teashop Girls) have to figure out how to save the beloved teashop. Ages 8-12.

Looking for Miza

By Juliana Hatkoff, Isabella Hatkoff, Craig Hatkoff and Dr. Paula Kahumbu

Miza is a young female mountain gorilla who lives in the jungles of the Virunga National Park. One day Miza and her mother go missing. Kabirizi, the leader of the family of mountain gorillas, searches for Miza and brings her back to the family. This is a sweet story of animals that protect and take care of each other. Ages 5-8.


By Carrie Jones

Zara has just lost her father and her mother sends her to a small town in Maine. In addition to not wanting to be there, she thinks she is being stalked. As Zara and her new friends try to figure out what's going on, she discovers there are many supernatural things happening around her, including that her new friend may be a werewolf or a pixie. Teen.

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Written by Amy Hay, librarian 1 at the Gahanna Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.