The smarts

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

I think that my child happens to be exceptionally gifted. After all, she is just 3 years old and not only knows the alphabet, but can spell about 35 to 40 words - some of them with more than one syllable.

She can count to about 130 or until she gets bored, and can do a few math problems. Not that exceptional, you say? I suppose we could take it down a notch and say she's not gifted but extremely bright.

Sure, most of us think our kids are the smartest ones in the room until we find out they aren't. I had to swallow the cold, hard truth recently when we took our daughter to one of those fall festivals; the ones with all the pumpkins, hayrides and children's activities. She fixed her attention on an inflatable tube-like apparatus that seemed like lots of fun. It wasn't a bouncy; it was something you crawl through with slides and little inflated toys throughout.

My kid got inside and that was it. She would not move. She didn't understand that you need to crawl through the tube. She just sat there smiling and waving to us through the plastic window. My husband and I tried pointing, prodding and coaxing, but she wouldn't budge. She just didn't get it.

As a line formed behind her, we became more animated and everyone looked at the crazy couple trying to explain the toy to the kid. It didn't help matters that I had not dressed for this day at the farm, but instead was decked out in my new strappy black boots, dressy jacket and Coach bag over my shoulder. I was clearly not the smartest mom in the crowd and had passed my deficiency on to my progeny.

Finally, an older child had mercy on us and crawled in to show my daughter what to do. She came out the other end and we headed for the exit, but not before we got our nice big pumpkin and some gourds that someone else picked for us.

As I looked over the bounty in the back seat I realized I was able to do it all without even getting my new boots dirty. Who's the smart one now?

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