December book choices

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What do you see?

By Stephen Krensky

Rhyming clues motivate your little one to guess which endangered animal is hiding on each page of this lift-the-flap book. Not only is this book made from 100 percent recycled materials, but young children learn an important lesson about their roles in conservation. Ages 0-6.

Jeremy Draws a Monster

By Peter McCarty

The imaginative illustrations in this book bring to life the story of a lonely boy whose idea to draw a monster friend has unexpected consequences. This quirky and humorous tale will quickly become a favorite book to read over and over again. Ages 4-8.

Anything but Typical

By Nora Raleigh Baskin

Jason, a sixth-grader, has a hard time interpreting body language and meanings behind the words that people speak. Interacting with people in a "typical" way is a daily struggle for Jason because he has autism. Only when he is writing stories online does Jason feel safe and free to be himself. Readers will find this novel a relatable and charming new perspective of life.

Ages 9-12.

A Book of Sleep

By Il Sung Na

Children will enjoy finding the owl on each page as it watches the different animals settle in for the night in this treasure of a book. Beautiful, rich illustrations and soothing text make this a perfect cozy bedtime story.

Ages 4-8.

Moon Rabbit

By Natalie Russell

Little Rabbit loves her life in the city, but she sometimes wonders if there is someone out there just like her, with whom she could have fun. Creative illustrations capture your heart and show children the delight in both friendship and being oneself. Ages 4-8.

The Chosen One

By Carol Lynch Williams

Thirteen-year-old Kyra has grown up on an isolated polygamist compound. Upon learning that she is assigned to be the wife of a much older man, Kyra's strong will and free spirit are put to the test. What sacrifices will Kyra have to make in order to free herself from the only community she has ever known, and take charge of her own fate? This thriller will keep both older teens and adults on the edge of their seats.

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