Lay it on the pine: An evergreen solution to clutter

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Here are some things that make good ornaments:

But if you hang these items on the tree, you are actually honoring the young artist, while still getting his creations out of the way. And now you've made them Christmas ornaments, which means they can be tucked away 11 months of the year.

So hang them on the tree, and you'll at least address the landfill issue. These toys are small, colorful and easily modified to make them seasonally appropriate. (Just glue a little cotton-ball beard on Astro Boy and call him Astro Claus.)

Granted, you want to exercise moderation here.

A tree full of nothing but "Hello My Name Is" badges would look egotistical. But a half dozen of them judiciously distributed just blend into the background and remind you of all the seminars you attended in the past year.

Consequently, every family has a drawer full of pictures that will never see the light of day. They simply must go on the Christmas tree. Put them in little Popsicle-stick frames, attach a loop of yarn and you have instant keepsake ornaments.

In short, look at everything as a potential Christmas ornament. Or as I like to say: Deck the halls by uncluttering the house.

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