Day 10: The American Red Cross of Greater Columbus

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Columbus Parent

Over 500 local families have suffered from a disaster since the Christensen's fire last summer. These families lost clothing, food, keepsakes and, perhaps the most difficult to replace, their sense of security. Thanks to your financial contributions and volunteer support the American Red Cross provided assistance to these families to help them begin their recovery.

Financial donations are used to purchase clothes so that children can go to school and parents can go back to work in the days immediately following their fire. These funds also ensure that people have a safe place to stay and items such as a toothbrush, washcloth and soap -- small comforts that can go a long way. Your support helps meet the physical needs of those suffering from disasters and also restores hope and provides dignity to those who have lost so much.

"I don't know what we would have done without the Red Cross," said Jacquie. Their help meant the world to us. We will never forget it."

In this season of hope and in these economic times, more than ever, people want their gifts to really matter. Join us in our quest to bring comfort and aid to our neighbors. Visit to make your holiday donation today.

"At the heart of the Red Cross is the heart of all of us. The innate desire to help change the life of another and in the process, change our own."

About the series

The 12 Days of Giving is a project initiated by Columbus Parent Magazine to give non-profit organizations an outlet for their message.

In these tough economic times, non-profit organizations are the first to see their resources evaporate.

These great organizations rely on your time, talent, and treasure to make a difference in our community. Please consider becoming a sponsor of one of these great community leaders.