Day 6: Capital Area Humane Society

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Columbus Parent
What's your pet doing right now?

Curling up in a favorite chair? Playing in the back yard? Or waiting for you to walk through the door at the end of the day? Whatever your pet is doing at this moment, one thing is certain -- your pet is living the life.

The life.

It includes gazing through windows filled with morning sun. Games of fetch that end in exhaustion. And afternoon naps on the family room floor. If you see a thoroughly-chewed toy or a worn-out leash, chances are, they are the property of a pet that is living the life.

These are the same pets who know well the benefits of patted heads, handshakes and belly rubs. Their bowls are always filled with fresh water. Nutritious food is never in short supply. And the care of a veterinarian is only a phone call away.

You know the life, because it is the same life your pet has.

You also know not all pets have such a life. But with your support of the Capital Area Humane Society, we can help change that fact. Our goal is to make the possibility of living a life filled with love, care and respect a reality for as many pets as possible. To learn more, visit

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