Enjoy the journey, despite the detours

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Like life, career searches are subject to unexpected detours. The attainment of professional goals, no matter how passionate the seeker or carefully developed the specific goals, is not always easy. Detours and road blocks often pop up. The following tips may assist you as you travel an unanticipated path:

1. Acknowledge your feelings How do you feel about this obstacle or turn in the road? Hurt? Angry? It's okay. There's no right or wrong answer. Whatever your emotions, take time to explore them. It's impossible to effectively move forward until you do.

2. Accept change Change is a natural part of life. Accept this deviation from your original plan. It happens. In fact, successful individuals embrace the unexpected because they recognize its gifts. Ask the universe to reveal what the gift is in this situation for you. There are no coincidences. You were brought to this crossroads for a reason. What is it? What role, if any, did you play? Learn from the past and the present moment.

3. Evaluate your plan Now that you've veered off course, evaluate. Do you need to return to your original plan or would it benefit you to alter it? Sometimes detours help us to realize that our goals and obstacles won't work. Or, perhaps the timing isn't right. Maybe that door is closed for now. Examine professional and educational goals, then adjust them if necessary. You can determine how to proceed.

4. Move forward Implement your new-and-improved plan. Don't look back. Move in the direction of your future.

5. Re-evaluate your plan - How's that new plan working for you? Evaluate it on a regular basis and determine its effectiveness. You will succeed!

For more information, contact New Directions Career Center (NDCC), a non-profit agency serving central Ohio at (614) 849-0028, extension 100. NDCC assists individuals regardless of their ability to pay.