How smart is your phone?

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

I prefer not to go around telling my age, but this statement will surely give it away, or at least point you in the general direction.

I remember when ringing in a new year meant getting a brand-new calendar. A calendar is a paper thing that has dates on it, and you actually pick up a pen and write things on the dates that you need to do something. Sounds crazy, I know, but this was before we could push a button on our smart phones to find out what appointments and errands we have each day.

I always loved looking at the clean, white pages of a new calendar. It was a new beginning and the pages were still perfect, with nothing crossed out, no torn up pages, and no random numbers floating around. I would start the year off with a promise to myself that I would be more organized, and would go through and put in all the important birthdays and vacations.

Technology has taken us to the point where I cannot remember the last time I had a paper calendar. I now put all my appointments in my phone. My smart phone is smarter than I am. It remembers that a birthday, appointment, meeting, or lunch is coming, and warns me. It prepares me with a little pleasant sound when I need to be somewhere.

Adding "Mom" to my title has made my phone even more invaluable. I rely on it to fill in all my lapses in memory. I just wish my smart phone was a little bit smarter.

Wouldn't it be cool if my hand-held warned me that my daughter was about to go through a "diva" phase, or won't be eating anything green for about the next 6 months? If my phone were really super smart, it would tell me to put my kid to bed a little earlier on a certain night because she would decide it would be more fun to walk around the house at 2 a.m. than sleep. I could either plan my new year accordingly or decide not to get out of bed for a month at a time.

Maybe blank pages aren't so bad after all!

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