How wheat works

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March 14-20 is National Agriculture Week, which recognizes the contribution of agriculture in our everyday lives and helps people understand how food and fiber products are produced.

The Wheat Foods Council's new program How Wheat Works is an easy and fun program to help parents celebrate Ag Week with their families.

Since plucking a package of pasta from a store shelf is as close as most get to harvesting wheat, this is a great tool that enables people everywhere to virtually step onto the farm.

OVERVIEW: In the name of nutrition and food education, the online program, How Wheat Works, enables people of all ages to create their own wheat product, advancing wheat kernels from the wheat field all the way through to the store shelf. Your kids will learn about how wheat foods come to be, their nutritional composition and how to read the nutrition facts labels and ingredient lists that appear on their packaging.

CHARITY: For each participant, the Council will donate two pounds of flour, up to 90,000 pounds, to Operation Homefront, a non-profit that provides assistance to needy U.S. troops and their families.

Here's how it works

• How Wheat Works combines 3-D animation, still photography, video and factual information to chronicle wheat's path from field to table.

• Each of the program's four phases -- growth, harvest, milling/baking and grocer's aisle -- takes just minutes to complete and spans the course of four days.

• Interactive opportunities include the selection of the type of wheat to be grown (hard, soft or durum) and flour (whole or enriched grain) to be milled, based on the participant's preferred wheat food creation.

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