Disney Cruise Line offers affordable European fun

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Columbus Parent

Parents know we wear many hats any given day -- peacemaker, negotiator, chauffeur, chef and so on.

The times when we can kick back, relax and simply enjoy our families are very important and Disney Cruise Line makes it possible.

This year, Disney offers its most diverse line-up of sailings. From the Mediterranean to Northern Europe, to the Caribbean and more, Disney families can go on a journey that they'll never forget.

Planning a European vacation on land for a family of four can be downright scary financially, but doing it all-inclusively with Disney takes the scare and those nasty financial surprises out of traveling abroad.

As with any cruise line, port excursions are an additional cost. To avoid going "overboard" financially, decide which excursions are of interest and within your budget before boarding the ship.

Disney Cruise Line promises something for everyone - even on the European itinerary. "The Northern European Capitals itinerary provides our guests with an amazing collection of destinations to explore" said Disney Cruise Line president Karl L. Holz. "We're excited to bring the rich history, culture and folklore these ports offer to life for our guests in a family-friendly way only Disney Cruise Line can deliver."

While some port excursions are intended more for grown-ups, a number of jaunts are designed for the whole family to enjoy. At least one Port Adventure youth counselor from the ship will go ashore in many ports of call to join the tour and direct special adventures for the children.

Disney assures that while the kids are enjoying "mini-adventures" designed just for them, adults can enjoy a more in-depth exploration of the destination.

For example, while in Florence, families can experience city highlights together, then divide into small groups for their own style of fun. Children spend about an hour honing their skills as Michelangelo as they create their own traditional Italian fresco painting.

Meanwhile, adults are free to explore the rest of the impressive Palazzo Vecchio and take a closer look at the masterpieces. Regardless of which itinerary you choose, Disney has designed port excursions that appeal to a variety of interests, budgets and ages.

These days, we all want to be sure we're getting a good value when traveling, and my family is no exception. We've found that cruising is an affordable family vacation - after all, food and entertainment is included.

And just as one would expect from Disney, its cruise line goes beyond the typical cruise inclusions to offer its own distinct style of fun.

Instead of being locked into specific activities because of age limits, children can customize their own experiences even before boarding. With more than 100 general activities and programs, plus the children's programs, families have an almost unlimited number of choices for how to spend their time. Deciding your activities may very well be the hardest decision you have to make all week. That and what to have for dinner.

For more information visit disneycruise.com.

Rosanna Scott, mother of three, is a writer specializing in family/parenting issues and travel. She is the author of the children's book, Peter & Friends at Camp.