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Get a whiff of this

A-list celebs have their own fragrances and now your kids can too. Rosemary's Potpourri is a fun new line of fragrances that personalize a unique scent specifically for your child's name. The company will research the meaning of the name and develop a unique scent just for your child. The personalized scents are available in perfumes/colognes, tin gift sets, body washes, shampoos and lotions. Available on for $7 and up.

The Madeline Movie: Lost in Paris

When her long-lost Uncle Horst (voiced by Jason Alexander) unexpectedly visits Miss Clavel's Parisian boarding school from Vienna, Madeline is whisked away on promises of the wonderful new life and family of which she's always dreamed. But soon Madeline realizes that her new life isn't as wonderful as she'd hoped, and she must use her own wits and courage to maintain the only real family she's ever known. Available April 13 on

Inspiring minds

Drawing on a program she has honed in schools around the country over the last 15 years, author Marietta McCarty and her book Little Big Minds guides parents and educators in introducing philosophy to the K-8 set. The book helps kids develop critical thinking, deepens their appreciation for others, and braces them for the philosophical quandaries that lurk in all of our lives - whether we're young or old. Available at Barnes and Noble and on for $11.21.

Alice in Wonderland

This new action-adventure game is available for Nintendo DS, Wii and Windows PC. Go on a topsy-turvy journey in Underland as Alice finds herself in a world of illusion where nothing is quite like it seems. Alongside are her friends Mad Hatter, March Hare, Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit who help Alice defeat the Red Queen and Jabberwocky. Available on PC: $19.99, DS: $29.99, Wii: $39.99.

Apple of my eye

In Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids, by Kerrie Logan Hollihan, there are more than 80 photos and a dozen sidebars of historical notes that bring Newton's extensive contributions to life. Hollihan shows young astronomers and physicists the principles behind the telescope, the fundamentals of optics, and how to model the phases of the moon using a table lamp. A welcome addition to classrooms and home libraries. $16.95 in all major bookstores nationwide.

Books babies can sink their teeth into

Torn edges, ripped-out pages, mysterious bite marks -- yet another book ruined. Even the sturdiest books are no match for a baby on a mission ... until now. Indestructibles -- the brainstorm of Amy Pixon, a mother of triplets -- are 100 percent baby-proof: printed on tear-resistant, high-density nonwoven material that looks and feels like paper, but isn't. The washable titles include Creep! Crawl!, Wiggle! March!, and Flutter! Fly! From $1.57 on

Celebrate Earth Day

What's your SIGGnature?

SIGG water bottles are made from pure aluminum and are 100 percent recyclable. These alternatives to plastic bottles won't leach any harmful chemicals and alleviate the plastic waste dilemma that plagues our landfills and oceans. The durable bottles have a baked-on, non-porous interior lining that is taste-neutral so you can have lemonade one day and water the next - without any lingering taste or odor. With over 150 styles, there's one sure to fit your on-the-go lifestyle. Available at Clintonville Outfitters for $17.99.

A shower of colors

Raindrops, by Chieu Anh Urban, is a simple and innovative book that shows children how primary colors magically blend to create secondary ones. With die-cut raindrops and see-through colored paper throughout the book, kids can see how when layered on top of each other, new colors emerge! $8.05 on

Add it to the pot and let it rot

In Compost Stew, by author Mary McKenna Siddals and illustrator Ashley Wolff, readers will delight in everything from eggshells to wiggly worms. The bouncy verse features items - some familiar and some not - that are fit for the home compost bin and will nourish Mother Earth. Vibrant collage illustrations use recycled and found materials to further a timely message. $10.79 on

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