Teen parents program

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Many attempt to finish their schooling through online charter schools or computer-based education programs. Seldom do their home environments support this effort due to child care issues.

Central Ohio Youth for Christ facilitates a teen parents program for those affected by pregnancy in Franklinton. The goal is to help these teenagers complete their education while equipping them with relevant parenting and life skills. Youth for Christ wants to assist teens in their transition from being a teenager into a mother or father. The teen parents program gives teens affected by pregnancy the opportunity to be successful by providing the following:

  • Free transportation, lunch and on-site daycare
  • Computer lab with internet access
  • Help with schoolwork
  • Mentoring relationships offered for each teenager involved
  • Classes and discussions about parenting issues/relationships/life skills (conflict resolution, discipline, money management, etc.)

During the last four years, five teen moms have earned their high school degree through the teen parents program. Two moms are now taking classes at Columbus State and others are employed by local businesses. Many of the moms who participated said they never thought they could be successful in their studies or their relationships, but the input of the teen parents mentors has helped them with both.

All of the program activities take place at COYFC's City Life Center located in Franklinton at 40 Chicago Ave. Teenagers of all ethnic and religious backgrounds are welcome to participate. For more information, contact program director Tami Strack at (614) 848-4870, or tstrack@coyfc.org.