Moms, this month's for you!

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

I love Mother's Day so much.

I love when my kids bring me (cold) breakfast in bed with dandelions in a sippy cup of water.

I love when I'm allowed to do anything I want for an entire day (like listen to showtunes or watch endless episodes of Glee) and get away with it by saying, "Remember, it's Mother's Day!"

So this issue is dedicated to moms. But there's plenty in here for dads, too. Take, for example, the story about parents' dirty little secrets. Read why one dad can go from cub-Simba to King Simba in 2.5 pages. And find out how another parent can use a wet wipe like nobody's business. You know you want to compare your little shortcuts to our interviewees - plus, you might learn some new timesavers!

Know any moms packing heat?What's it like to be a mom and an officer of the law? How does one mom work full-time and still manage to serve in the armed forces? We'll spotlight these amazing women.

And, if you're chronically late, we'll show you ways to speed up your get-ready-and-out-the-door time with a few shortcuts. Plus we have fun Mom and girlfriend getaway ideas so you can plan some time away to relax. You remember what relax means, right?

Finally, in this world of increasing portion sizes and decreasing recess, how can we raise kids who are healthy and active? We'll give you pointers.

From all of us at Columbus Parent Magazine, happy (relaxing) Mother's Day!