Great reads for kids

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By Bill Thomson

An amazingly illustrated picture book with one abnormal quality: it lacks words. Chalk is a fantastic book about a group of children on a playground with a bag of sidewalk chalk and how their imaginations

create an astounding world. This is a book that parents and kids can narrate to tell a story of their own. Ages 2-8.

Here comes the Big, Mean, Dust Bunny

By Jan Thomas

A sequel to Rhyming Dust Bunnies, this picture book is a brightly illustrated book that once again features Ed, Ned, Ted and Bob in their rhyming mayhem. This time, though, they encounter a big, mean dust bunny whose idea of rhyming isn't always nice. Regardless, Ed, Ned, Ted and Bob are determined to keep on rhyming. Ages 0-5.

The Everything Machine

By Matt Novak

The people of Quirk have the most amazing contraption ever -- the Everything Machine. This machine does all their work, but on the day the the machine breaks down, the Quirkians must figure out how to do everything on their own. Ages 4-8.


By Ned Young

Zoomer the puppy, one of three puppy brothers, is acting very oddly and energetically for a school day. While his brothers Hooper and Cooper attempt to prepare for school, Zoomer plays, imagines and even makes castles out of dog food. Why is Zoomer acting so strangely? Ages 4-8.

Missle Mouse: The Star Crusher

By Jake Parker

M.M., better known as Missle Mouse, is a hotshot, trouble-making agent for the Galactic Security Agency. When a threat from a doomsday machine called the Star Crusher arises, M.M. is sent out to save the day with a new partner, Agent Hyde, to keep him in line and watch his back. Tweens eager for a fun graphic novel should check this out! Ages 9-12.

Nightschool: The Weirn Books Volume 2

By Svetlana Chmakova

Alex, a witch-like being known as a Weirn, is the only person who remembers his sister Sarah after her mysterious disappearance. Now it is up to him to attend the Nightschool, a place where creatures of paranormal stature study, to discover what has happened to Sarah. Teen fans of manga and the paranormal rejoice! This is a masterfully illustrated and written graphic novel that will leave readers wondering who's the hero and who's the villain. Be sure to check out volume 1, as well.

Website: Gaia Online

This online world is a fast-growing social site for teens. Based on anime culture, Gaia Online offers an immense world where teens can create an avatar who travels about to fulfill quests, chat with other teens and enjoy a lush and entertaining online world. The forums provided for teens are among the largest in the world and the site prides itself on being a fantastic community for teens.

Membership to this online community is free and new content is added regularly.

Written by Dustin Jolivette, homework help center coordinator, South High branch, Columbus Metropolitan Library.