A spotlight on Brighter Beginnings

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Then those who loved her found out that things were not as they seemed. After several days in the hospital, her parents Kelly and Lee were told that Brittany did not have a normal brain. Soon after, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

As time went on, Brittany did not seem to develop much at all. Her family tried to make life as normal as possible. She attended school in Marysville, where she received all of the therapy that was available, but it wasn't enough to make much of a difference. When she was unable to hold up her head by age 2, her family became desperate for help. They began to research alternative therapies that were available and through this research, they discovered conductive education.

Conductive education is an intensive learning approach for children with a wide range of motor disabilities originating from damage to the central nervous system. Conductive education is not a cure, but rather a learning system. The program incorporates physical, occupational and speech teachings in one group setting. The focus is on the child's individual needs. This program looks at the child using a holistic approach. Each child is different and requires different learning approaches.

After talking with her pediatrician, Brittany's family decided to try conductive education. At that time, this therapy was not offered in the United Sates, so they packed their bags and headed to Canada for five weeks. Brittany is now 13 and has attended six conductive education classes, and has made progress with every class. Fortunately, conductive education is beginning to spread throughout the United States, but unfortunately, it is not yet available in central Ohio.

Brittany's family and friends recognize the difference conductive education has made in Brittany's quality of life and they want to provide the same opportunity for other children with motor disabilities. They have decided to open a conductive education center in Marysville. It will be called Brighter Beginnings through Conductive Education.

Brighter Beginnings will begin classes in July as a summer camp. Each camp will last for three weeks, three hours per day (Monday through Friday). In September, they will begin their year-round program that will be five week sessions, five hours per day (Monday through Friday). Also offered will also be an after school program in two-week sessions, two hours per day (Monday through Friday).

For questions about conductive education, please call Kelly Morris at (937) 243-8326 or e-mail BrighterBeginningsCE@gmail.com.