Summer reads

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Columbus Parent

Hide-and-Seek Duck

By Cyndy Szekeres

Duck and Little Bunny are playing hide and seek. Duck finds a lot of other animals before he finally finds Little Bunny. Ages 0-3.

Granny Gomez & Jigsaw

By Deborah Underwood

Granny Gomez is lonely in her big house all by herself, and decides she needs a pet. Granny ends up with a pet pig that becomes a good friend and it enjoys everything Granny enjoys. Jigsaw the Pig is just what Granny needed in her life. Ages 4-7.

I Love Bugs!

By Emma Dodd

This colorful book is filled with all kinds of bugs that a little boy loves. A great book to share with a child and talk about all of the different kinds of bugs in the world. Ages 1-4.

The Ever Breath

By Julianna Baggott

Truman and Camille are twins living an ordinary life until their father disappears and they find out there is a magical world called the Breath World - which has fabulous creatures and enchanted happenings. Truman and Camille must help their grandmother and her twin in Breath World. Someone has taken the Ever Breath and if it is not returned, both their world and the magical world will be no more. Ages 8-12.

The Day of the Pelican

By Katherine Paterson

Meli Lleshi lives in Kosovo with her family until they are forced from their home by Serbian oppressors. First, they go to the country to live with relatives, but then both families become refugees along with most of the Albanians around them. They are forced to leave everything behind and walk away from all that they have ever known. Meli and the rest of her family no longer have a place to call home. What will happen to them now? They must stay together no matter what. Ages 9-13.

They Never Came Back

By Caroline B. Cooney

Cathy is taking an accelerated language course at a neighboring school over the summer. Murielle disappeared five years ago from Greenwich after her parents fled the country because of the crimes they committed. During lunch one day, Tommy, another accelerated language student, accuses Cathy of being Murielle but Cathy has no idea what he is talking about. Soon all of the students are researching to find out about Rory and Cade Lyman and their daughter Murielle who was left behind. Could Cathy be Murielle?