Looking for a job? Websites are goldmines

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

1) Got internet? If not, don't fret. Consider going to the public library in your area. The library has computers for public use. Both of these options are free to you.

2) Why internet? Because more and more companies are using the internet to find qualified employees. Many employers won't even accept hard copies of resumes or applications anymore. That's why you have to adapt to this new and changing world. Besides, it's one of the best ways to find jobs that meet your career goals. Thousands of jobs are listed on websites and one of them might just be for you!

3) What are job boards? Job boards list jobs that represent a wide range of companies and professional interests. Some common sites are:

a. Indeed.com

b. Careerbuilder.com

c. Monster.com

d. Nationjob.com

e. Truecareers.com

f. Theladders.com

g. Medzilla.com

4) What about companies? Most companies post their open positions on their own websites. If necessary, do a search to find the companies that you are most interested in. Some Columbus area company websites are:

a. Ohiohealth.com

b. Homedepot.com

c. Wendys.com

d. Chase.com

e. Abercrombie.com

f. Aep.com

g. Ashland.com

h. Valuecity.com

i. Sterlingcommerce.com

j. Ronfoth.com

k. Cigna.com

l. http://www.battelle.com

m. Cardinal.com

n. Mcgraw-hill.com

o. Nationwide.com

p. Abbott.com

q. Safelite.com

r. Glencoe.com

s. Ups.com

t. Hrh.com

u. Manpower.com

v. Spherion.com

w. Huntington.com

x. Retailventuresinc.com

y. Wellpoint.com

5) How often should i look at websites? Like employer needs, website information changes daily. Explore these sites often to ensure the highest possible outcome.

6) What about associations? Associations that promote particular industries such as human resources or the medical field often have job boards on their websites. Check out their websites to see if any postings fit your particular skills and interests.

7) Can I mail a resume? It's important that potential employees honor the systems that individual employers have in place. Often, employers ask for e-mail applications only so that they can be easily e-mailed between internal departments. If an employer has specified that all applicants must do an on-line application, it's in your best interest to adhere to their request.

For more information, contact New Directions Career Center (NDCC), a non-profit agency serving Central Ohio at 849-0028, extension 100. NDCC assists individuals regardless of their ability to pay.