Closet Case

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

I don't do resolutions. I do, however, do closets.

And I know bunches of you are doing the same (or at least you're promising you will when you recover from the holidays in April). So I enlisted the help of local experts and combined it with lessons I've learned to offer the ultimate organizing guide.

First, my golden rules. Ask yourself these questions about every item in your closet:

Does it fit today?

If it doesn't fit right now - not last summer or five pounds from now - take it out. Either give it away or, if you're sure it will fit soon, put it in "purgatory." Purgatory can be a spare closet, plastic bin or other such storage space. At year's end, anything still unworn and in purgatory goes to charity heaven.

Does it make me feel fabulous?

If you don't love it, don't even give yourself the option of wearing it. It's better to have a closet with five things you adore than 50 you just kind of like. Here's an easy way to think about it: If you asked your husband or child to grab you an outfit from your closet and you had to wear it in public, are you confident you would look good? You should be. Whatever items you would cringe at in this scenario, ditch.

Would I purchase it today?

Yes, this is harsh, but it narrows the field in a hurry.

And here's some closet-cleaning advice from local fashionistas:

  1. Make it fun. Invite a friend over, take everything out, paint the closet, donate the unflattering and enjoy the process. (Jill Richey, owner of le Flair Boutique)
  2. If you haven't worn it in a year, donate it. (Christina Getachew, owner of Substance for Fashion Conscious People)
  3. Purge anything with pills, holes or faded color. (Allison Jayjack, owner of Ladybird)
  4. Never get rid of anything that is flattering and age appropriate. (Connie Leal Ballenger, owner of Leal)
  5. It's OK to keep items with sentimental value even if you don't wear them. Just store them. (Jin Fillinger, owner of jinny)
  6. Use space wisely. Store seasonal items in garment bags beneath your bed. (Maren Roth, owner of Rowe)
  7. Assign everything real estate - sweaters, denim, casual tops and so on. (Fillinger)
  8. Color coordinate. (Jayjack)
  9. Always hang up and put away your clothing at the end of the day to keep things neat. (Roth)
  10. Protect your space. Beware of impulse buys, and make thoughtful purchases. (Fillinger)