Coca Cola

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Columbus Parent

One part scary, one part helpful, there's a list of non-drinking uses for Coca-Cola that's been making the rounds for years (it's all related to the phosphoric and citric acid in the popular beverage). So of course Handy Mom had to check them out. The verdict? She's switched back to drinking just water, but she's now got some great uses for all that undrunk pop!

-Jane Hawes

Toilet cleaning: One can of Coke + a toilet bowl + one hour = stains removed

Windshield cleaning: Wipes the exterior gunk clean off

Rust removal: Wet some aluminum foil in Coca-Cola and rub away rust from chrome car bumpers, or soak a rag in Coke and let it sit on a rusted bolt for a few minutes to dissolve rust and loosen the bolt.

Battery-corrosion removal: Pour Coke over the corroded battery terminals in your car and watch the crud bubble away!

Delicious baked ham: Wrap the ham in foil, set it into a baking pan filled with one can of Coke, and bake. Thirty minutes before it's done, remove the foil and let the drippings roast with the Coke to create a gravy as it finishes baking.