Anatomy of a Tackle Box

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Columbus Parent

Nothing ruins a fishing trip faster than running out of supplies.

So, if you plan to do any amount of fishing, a tackle box is a good idea. You can get away with stocking the basics for under $15 and add on as your needs and interests develop. While we chose locally owned The Old Dutchman bait shop for our pricing, you can find similar items at most stores that sell outdoor goods. The Old Dutchman is located at 904 S. Sunbury Rd., Westerville, 614-891-2653.


Bobbers come in virtually every shape and size. I recommend buying several. It is not uncommon to lose bobbers when you get tangled in bushes or rocks. Traditional round clip-on bobbers go for 70 cents. You can find colorful stand-up clip-on bobbers for $1.15. Personal preference is your guide for choosing.


Sinkers do just that they sink your bait. You will go through many of these. Split-shot sinkers come 125 in a bag for $1.69. The small size is the most universal and suitable for beginners. You simply pinch them onto your fishing line.


These are a tackle must-have! The Eagle Claw size 4 is a good basic hook that will serve most of your needs for the sunfish- and bluegill-size fish you will find in Central Ohio. You can get a 10-count bag for $2.25. I would recommend you get a simple lesson on how to tie on a hook from the salesperson as that will come in handy the first time a fish breaks your line.


You can select your bait based on the kinds of fish you want to catch, but there are a few basic baits that will work well for a wide range of fish. Nightcrawlers go for $2.50 a dozen. Often the worms are so large you can cut them in half and double your bait. Or, you can go for the small worms for $3.50 for 30. Wax worms are smaller and work great for smaller-mouth fish. Wax worms go for $2.50 for a 50-count container.

Tackle Box

A tackle box is any box that can hold your essential items. A small box can go for as little as $4. You want to pick out your essential items, then fit them into a box that is suitable with a little room for growth. You can always upgrade as your needs change.

Optional Items

A small knife is recommended to cut tangled line or worms. And do not forget the sunscreen, insect repellent and basic first-aid items. These are not essential, but they will keep you prepared for the unexpected.