Scotch tape

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

When you think about it, Scotch tape is already pretty ingenious. It's invisible and sticks to stuff that needs sticking to. Does it really need to multi-task for Handy Mom? Silly question. Of course it does!

Broken Glass Picker-Upper: Anyone who has ever dropped a light bulb knows how those thin shards of glass go everywhere. And what the vacuum cleaner doesn't get, Scotch tape will. With the sticky side facing out, wrap it around a ball of tissues or toilet paper, and blot away.

Sticker Goop Remover: Like removes like when you use Scotch tape to pull off those annoying little bits of price stickers or labels when they're left behind on surfaces like glass, plastic or produce.

Produce Ripeness Checking: Speaking of produce, ever bring a cantaloupe or honeydew melon home and cut it open to find it's not ripe yet? With a strip of Scotch tape, you can buy yourself ripening time. Just can cut out a tiny tester bit of the melon, check it, and if it needs more time to ripen in there, just plug the tester bit back in and secure it with the tape.

Raw Egg Crack Repair: Only use this one if you cracked the egg slightly but don't want to use it just yet (in other words, don't tape up a crack on an egg that came that way from the store). This technique is actually used on chicks developing in the egg. Cover the crack completely with tape to keep air out.

Lint and Animal Hair Removal: You knew that already, though, didn't you?

Wall Scuff Remover: Before you go running for the paint store when you discover a chair or table scuff on the wall, try dabbing at the mark with Scotch tape to see if it comes off.

Small Child Stupefier: And finally, if you're in need of a trick to dazzle your young child and restore yourself to demi-god status, here's a great one: Blow up a balloon, secretly tape one small spot, then produce a straight pin and tell little Hildegard to watch and be amazed as you insert and remove the pin and the balloon doesn't pop!