Anatomy of a Goodie Bag

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Putting together a truly great goodie bag is all about finding items kids will love, parents won't curse and, let's be honest, it's also about price.

Take it easy on yourself and your wallet by choosing a one-stop-shopping party store. The items here were all selected from Party City, which has several locations around Columbus. Find the one nearest you at

Keep It Contained

Suggestion: Pick the goodies first, then select the container to put them in because size will matter. Party City has bags, boxes, buckets and even screw-open plastic balls to fit every color, character or party theme imaginable. We love these Chinese-food take-out containers (99 cents each).

All Wound Up

The kids are going to go home spinning in circles anyway, so why not blame it on these wind-up Z Originals toys ($4 to $5)? They also come in Noggin Bop and Slider models.

Personal Attention

Birthdays should be about more than a number - they should also be about a name! Make each party guest feel special by including a personalized item in their bag, like a My Name Flashlight ($7).

Guests All Aglow

What child doesn't like to glow in the dark? The Super Glow Stick Necklaces ($2 each or $10 per dozen) are a fun fashion statement, and they come in a variety of colors.

Color Me Happy

You've worked hard to coordinate everything else, why stop with the candy? M&M's has you covered with candy shells that come in every shade of the rainbow ($6 per 7-ounce bag). If you want to customize even further with names, dates or even pictures, order online at

Ready to Burst

As any kid knows, bubbles are far more fun when you take them out of the tub! You can go with bubble bottles that match themes like Toy Story, Star Wars, Cinderella, Dora and Sponge Bob. Or you can keep it simple with this multi-colored 12-pack of miniatures ($3).

The Goodie That Grows on You

The grass is always greener when it's sprouting from a ladybug or bumblebee! All these Grow-a-Bugs ($9) need is a little water, light and love because the seeds are already implanted. Once their "hair" comes in, kids will have fun playing barber!