Anatomy of a Pencil pouch

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Columbus Parent

We gave them away as goodie bags at our Back-to-School Party for Parents, but there's no reason why (most of) these items won't also work for your back-to-school student.

The Pencil Pouch

Everyone say, "Awww!" because is this just not the cutest pencil pouch you've ever seen? They're made by Inkology and retail for $6 each at Staples stores

The Name Tag

Are "Zippies" destined to be the hot new accessory? Well, that's what their publicist would have us believe and, frankly, they're just strange enough looking that we think maybe they will catch on. Right now you can only get them online for $5 each at

The Notepad

Moleskine adds a touch of class to the most mundane school supplies. Case in point: These tiny "Legendary Ruled Notebooks" ($6 for a set of two). Available at Target in a rainbow of colors.

The Bumper Sticker

Also available at Wholly Craft, graphic artist Sarah Utter (from Portland, Oregon) puts the "rrrrr" back in reading with her "reading is sexy" bumper sticker ($1 each).

The Stickers

Finally, stickers for the editor in us all: These stickers, made by Massachusetts-based Fishcakes and available at Wholly Craft ($5 for a pack of 36), sing the praises of grammar and correct punctuation.

Where to Get:

Wholly Craft, 3169 N. High St., Clintonville, 614-447-3445,; Staples, multiple locations,; Target, multiple locations,