Vitamin Me: Fall Fabulous

Kristy Eckert

Now that your kids' closets are fully stocked and another school year is officially underway, you finally have a moment to breathe.

Wait, what? One kid has to be at soccer at 5:15, the other at football at 5:30, you're out of bread for PB&J and there's already math homework you can't figure out?

Fear not! While I can't hire a nanny for you, I can at least help you look fab while juggling the madness.

Fall's fashions are the best I've seen in several seasons. The stuff that walked the runways not only looked appealing, it looked wearable, too (well, most of it, anyway).

Here's a primer on the season's top three trends - and how they might work in your wardrobe:

Feathers and Fur: You'll find fluff on everything from dresses to coats to boots, whether genuine shearling, faux fur or feathers. If you're only buying one piece to freshen your wardrobe for fall, I'd suggest something in this category. My best recommendation? A furry vest. You can wear it to dress up jeans and a T-shirt, or layered over a silk blouse and pencil skirt for work. You can also try belting it for a totally different look. And you'll find plenty of affordable faux if the real thing doesn't fit your budget (or morals).

Texture Mix: Designers sent plenty of layers down the runway, but the key this year is layering different textures - silks, knits, furs ... you get it. It's something you can probably do with things you already have. Try something like this: Dark denim with a sequin tank, chiffon button-up blouse, fur vest and riding boots.

Golden Goddess: Gold is everywhere, shown as an undertone with colors like olive green and burnt orange. And it remains the metallic with which to accessorize.

Above all, regardless of seasonal trends, wear what makes you feel beautiful. Because you are. As long as you didn't get any of that strawberry jelly on you, right?

Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style, a bimonthly women's magazine published by The Dispatch Printing Company. To sign up for her weekly e-newsletter, visit