Preview our September issue!

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

The September issue of Columbus Parent arrives on Monday! And, though it might seem like a cliché to say we're excited about this one (because we're always excited when a new one arrives), but this time, we really, really, really are.

Why? Because we tried something new. This issue is all about "How We Dress." Want some hints on some of the content? Of course you do!

You might be seeing some baby onesies from unexpected places like here and here. But then you'll also see fantastic home-grown fashion from places like here, here, here and many more places!

We'll look at what we put on our kids' feet (and why) and through their ear lobes (and why). And we'll consider the serious side of how we dress - especially when clothes express something about our religion or cultural heritage.

And of course there will be all kinds of family fun articles. You might be tempted to try barbecue in a way you never have, check out another new playground in the area, or go medieval with the fam!

Check it all out, starting Monday!