Win the Cover Voting Starts

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

The time to vote has come in Columbus Parent's Win the Cover contest!

We received a mind-boggling 394 entries in all and, starting at 12 noon today, you will be able to view the entries and register your votes.

First of all, just to explain something about the entries received: Some people entered more than one photo of the same child. We used only the first photo submitted.

Now about the voting: Use the links on the contest page to browse the photos. The photos have been divided in to eight groups for easier viewing. The order and grouping of the photos are random.

In order to vote, click on a thumbnail photo and then follow the directions under the photo to register your vote (basically you vote by entering a comment under the photo and including the word "VOTE" in it). You can vote for as many photos as you would like, but if you vote more than once for the same photo, only the first vote will count.

Votes will be accepted until 12 noon on Monday, Oct. 17.We have extended the voting period until then to reflect the delay we imposed before starting voting.At that time, no more votes will be taken.We will tally the votes (and eliminate any duplicates).If any voting irregularities are found (including but not limited to the creation of multiple email addresses on the same computer and IP address) or any unsportsmanlike behavior occurs which reflects poorly on an entrant, we will take appropriate action to correct for it, including disqualifying an entry if necessary.

Each entry has its own unique URL address which you can copy and share with family members and friends, so that they can also vote. You may also use the "Share this" button to share the link on your favorite social network.

The top five vote-getters will be determined based on the official approved votes, and we will announce who the finalists are no later than 12 noon on Monday, Oct. 24.Our panel of experts will then review the five finalists' entries and determine a winner. Their decision will be final, and we will announce it on our website and on our Facebook page no later than 12 noon on Friday, Oct. 28.

If you have any questions about the process, please send them to: and include the words "Cover Contest" in the subject heading.