Candy Buy Backs

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Looking to off-load some of the candy haul from tonight AND do something for our U.S. armed service troops overseas? A number of dentists and orthodontists in the area are offering "candy buy backs" tomorrow.We heard from Lifetime Dental Health in northwest Columbus, but we've heard there are others doing this - so feel free to add their names and addresses in the comments' section below!

Basically what they're all doing is asking families to bring in their excess Halloween candy. They'll pay $1 per pound (up to 10 pounds). Then they'll mail candy to Operation Gratitude, an organization that will then package the candy up for care packages to be sent to American soldiers stationed abroad.

At Lifetime Dental, which is located at 1960 Bethel Road, Suite 240 in Columbus, they'll be collecting the candy between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., and they're also holding a raffle where you can enter to win some nifty products and services. Call them at 614-451-2234 for more information.