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Is that Baby Book you so carefully selected before the birth of your child collecting more dust than precious details?Don't let that fact haunt you. Instead, capture every special moment on!LifeCubby is your new spot to store (and share) every precious picture, funny story, important detail about your child. Upload artwork, videos, even medical records.

LifeCubby is completely private and can only be viewed by you or those you personally invite like family and close friends. Log on to find out how your child's preschool or daycare can contribute to your "cubby" as well. is actually the creation of a local daycare provider who wanted to find a way to share children's moments throughout the day with their parents.

No more throwing favorite pictures in a stack you'll have to paste in a book later, or trying to recall that funny comment your child made that you were positive you would never forget! It's so easy to chronicle every detail while you're still "in the moment." is safe and secure, and free! There's even a LifeCubby Journal app!

Check it out....or start posting today at