Thank You Notes

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

During a recent visit to my mom's house, my son was thrilled to discover a letter he had written her a year earlier hanging onthe refrigerator. Seeing the letter there made him feel proud. It also makes my mom happy seeing it there day after day.

That year-old letter got me thinking about the value of putting your thoughts in writing. Thanksgiving is the perfect timeto do it.Thisyear, I'm going tohave my kids to write thank-you notes to some of the important people in their lives.

Too often we got caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives to let people know how much we appreciate them. A simple note of thanks would go a long way toward making someone feel special. (It's also great writing practice.)

Since my boys are only 5 and 7, the letters will be short and sweet. But I'm betting they'll end up hanging on a refrigerator.

--Melissa Kossler Dutton