Columbus Parent Profile: Kriss Galloway

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Columbus Parent

What is the most played song on your iPod right now? I'm on this BBC kick right now, so I've been listening to BBC 1 Radio and really like Olly Murs' new singles, "Dance With Me Tonight," and "My Heart Skips a Beat." He's not too well known here in the U.S. yet, but I think his music will catch on quickly.

If you HAD to be on a reality-TV show, which one would it be? "Top Gear," UK version -their "stars in a reasonably priced car around the race track" segment is like me trying to get the kids to school in Upper Arlington, dropping off my husband at work downtown, and then cruising over to Bexley to get to work - all on time!

Who is your favorite TV or movie parent? I love the wholesomeness of June Cleaver, the zaniness of Lucy Ricardo, the warmth of Louise Jefferson, the daffiness of Edith Bunker, the weirdness of Morticia Addams (as portrayed by Angelica Huston in "The Addams Family") and the snarkiness of Peg Bundy. I have a little bit of all of them in me.

Which super-hero power would you like to have? The harnessed chi of "The Iron Fist," or the elasticity of "Elastigirl" in "The Incredibles." I could keep my family safe no matter the situation.

Favorite movie that you went to see with the kids: The entire Harry Potter series - I watched my girls grow up right alongside Harry and his pals. The final film was especially moving, not only because it was the last in the series, but also that my girls have reached young adulthood and could really understand the theme of Snape's unrequited love and never-ending loyalty.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon: Creating art - whether it's painting in my studio or making mosaics with recycled furniture. Sometimes the girls join me, and other times they make fun of me and my glue gun.

Best advice you ever received as a parent: "Enjoy every moment, because they grow up too quickly!" It seems like yesterday that Sarah was starting preschool, and now she's applying to colleges.

What have you learned as a parent that you wish someone had told you before you had that first kid: You can't sterilize or rubberize the world; they're going to catch colds and fall down. So don't sweat the small stuff…relax!

What's something your mom or dad did that you thought was nuts when you were a kid and now you understand? My parents always told me, "I hope you have kids just like you!" Well, their wish came true, but I think my kids are incredibly funny and smart, and I hope they have kids just like them.

What is a favorite holiday memory? Since we have an interfaith family, we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. I love how my girls insist on lighting the Hanukkah candles and singing the blessings – right before they tear open the paper on a present. (The tradition is to give them each a pair of socks on at least one of the festival's eight nights. They never know when they're going to get a cool CD, or a pair of socks. It's my way of getting back at them for putting me through a combined 36 hours of labor!) We also like cooking traditional Hanukkah food, such as potato latkes, and our cats have great fun batting around the dreidels. The girls also work together to put up a Christmas tree, but at the age they are now, I think it's more because they want a flashy signpost for where "Santa" is to leave their Christmas presents.

My life's motto: Carpe Diem - Seize the Day.