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From our games guru, Shawn Sines, comes a review of a game suitable for the older kids in your house:

"Final Fantasy XIII-2" ($60, Rated T for Teen, Xbox 360 and Sony PS3)

Fans of the long running fantasy game series should anticipate this continuation of last year's epic tale.

This time out the tale told from the perspective of Serah, a girl freed from a crystal curse in Final Fantasy XIII by her sister Lightning as she crosses the world and time attempting to discover why her heroic sister vanished soon after those events.

Final Fantasy is a strategic role-playing game set in a science fiction and fantasy world. Players lead a party of adventurers through timed battles with visually stunning foes.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 improves on the original game with a new open world and a new cast of dynamic heroes. Best aimed at teens, this series is known for its extended gameplay time.