Velvet Ice Cream Opens for the Season

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Believe it or not, but today at 11 a.m. marks the start of summer - at Velvet Ice Cream's Ye Olde Mill in Utica.

You may recall our article about their Ice Cream Festival from last year (this year's happens May 26-28) and our article about their factory tour from earlier this year.

Well, it all gets going today at 11 a.m. In addition to enjoying a scoop of Velvet Ice Cream at 1970s-era pricing, guests also get to enjoy free tours, the Ye Olde Mill playground, use of shelter houses for picnics, a natural trail, free wi-fi, and lots more. It definitely makes for a fun day trip with the kids, and this year, they're also giving away a custom bicycle. Visitors can begin signing up to win the bike today and a winner will be drawn on Aug. 11.

For more info, visit their website