The Busy Mom's Guide to Happy*

Kristy Eckert

I'm not really a resolution person.

But this year, I've got one, and just one - for me, for you, for all the mommas in the world: Give yourself some you time. Every. Single. Day.

Some days, maybe it's an hour soaking in the tub, reading a magazine. Others, it might be 15 minutes at the end of the night, when everyone's been put to bed, the dinner dishes are washed, and the final load of laundry has been folded. Even though you could find something else that inevitably needs done, you choose instead to pour yourself a small glass of wine and watch some mindless, probably embarrassing Bravo show you DVR'd.

Because seriously, girls, you deserve it. And quite frankly, the happier we are, the better moms we are, too. (I occasionally feel as though this is my justification for continuing my subscription to People magazine. But I don't really need to justify.)

In the event it's been so long since you've allowed yourself such an indulgence that you forget your options, I've enlisted the assistance of several friends to offer a few ideas on their favorite ways to recharge. So, with their help, I present my not-by-doctors, just-by-moms Busy Mom's Guide to Happy.*

*In one hour or less, and for cheaper than the cost of dinner. Because truly, whose answer is not "a week at the beach with my girlfriends"? (Which, by the way, we fully endorse…)

-Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.