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Formerly a private-orders-only bakery, Worthington's charming new Sassafras Bakery (657 High St.) offers pies (topped with Jeni's ice cream), cookies, savory tarts and, a recent addition, a milk and cookie happy hour. From 3 to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, buy your kiddo a cookie ($2-$4) and get a glass of Snowville Creamery milk for free. Parents are not exempt from the deal either, though they might want to swap the moo juice for a free cup of Café Brioso coffee.

Need something to read with that java? Awesome local parent-centric blog alert: Maggie May's DIY Ideas for Everyday. Find it at Writer Jill Basom's got loads of easy, clever craft ideas and an "Ideas for Kids" tab makes it easy to search for activities to do for or with your little ones (hello, kitchen-table fort!).

Or perhaps you would rather watch something. While Shadowbox head writer Jimmy Mak and performer Johnny DiLoretto were searching for a video-sketch idea for the Johnny DiLoretto Variety Show they put on every few months at Shadowbox's Backstage Bistro, the two dads turned to their 9-year-old kids. Riley Mak and Vincent DiLoretto star in a series of shorts called "Kids in Inappropriate Movies." In the sketches (best suited for grown-up eyes), the kids re-enact famous movie scenes that are likely way over anyone under 15's head. Case in point: Riley's hilariously professional portrayal of a woman coming home from work to find her beloved stuffed bunny boiling in a pot of water, à la the 1987 film Fatal Attraction. The sketches have become popular on, and the dads plan to do more in the future. "I think an equally funny video would be the behind-the-scenes of me and Jimmy playing director," DiLoretto said. "We take it as seriously as they do. Two adults seriously trying to explain to their 9-year-olds what's going on inside Jack Nicholson's head is pretty funny."

-Jackie Mantey