Finding Happy

Kristy Eckert

Finding happy: It is, in the end, what we all are after, right? No matter culture, sex or income, it's the singular tie that binds.

So how do we get there?

For our January issue of Capital Style, we tried to provide inspiration - a road map of sorts, if you will - by talking to people we think have figured it out. It's been such fun for me, consulting with many of the people in Columbus whom I most respect, on how they've found their happy. And here, pulled from more than 100, are 10 of my favorite tips on living well:

*Pause to write down WHY you do what you do and WHO you want to be in the world. –Jason Barger, author, speaker and consultant for Step Back Leadership Consulting

*Get enough fiber, water, sunshine and exercise. –Donna James, Managing Director, Lardon & Associates

*Research shows that kids learn to behave by watching what their parents do; when I skip self-care, I'm teaching my kids to, too. –Zoe Guirlinger, CEO of Ultimate U Total Health

*Avoid overcommitting: Before taking on any new responsibilities, identify two current obligations to drop. –Alex Shumate, Managing Partner, North America of Squire Sanders

*Take time to discover who you are outside of your role as Mother, Wife, Friend, Employee and live the life she most wants to live. -Molly Luffy, business and life coach

*Set monthly dates with friends. I have a dinner date with my friends, "The Pink Witches," once a month. We go to the same restaurant, order the same meals and leave with tired face muscles from laughing so hard. It is important to make time for the people who matter most in life. –Mimi Dane, CEO of Flying Horse Farms

*Consider any obstacles to feeling at home in your life just as it is right now. Question whether the ones outside your control really need to change and whether it's possible to tweak your reaction to them. –Daron Larson, freelance contemplative

*Be silly sometimes - get caught up, carried away. –Sharon Cameron, founder of Connections, an executive recruitment and relocation firm

*Forgive everyone of everything. –Diana Garber, Feng Shui master for Intuitive Concepts

*Take naps, eat chocolate, drink wine and laugh like hell. –Denny Griffith, president of the Columbus College of Art & Design

-Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.