Getting Started

Jane Hawes

Dear Columbus parents,

With the start of every new year, it seems as if there's always a push for change. It's a time for new resolutions and fresh starts. And sometimes, as the expression goes, "everything old is new again."

So it is with Columbus Parent. 2014 marks this magazine's 25th year of publication. We'll devote attention to that momentous occasion in June, after the actual anniversary occurs (compiling the history has taken some serious sleuthing).

But with the start of 2014 comes another momentous event for the magazine: Its production is moving from its downtown Columbus location of the last four years and returning to what is arguably its childhood home, up in Lewis Center.

As we've learned from various marketing-research studies, many people don't realize that Columbus Parent is part of the same company that publishes The Columbus Dispatch, that owns and operates 10TV (that's why you see me on their newscasts), and that publishes ThisWeek Community News. The ThisWeek newspapers are produced out of our company's Delaware County location in Lewis Center, and that's where production of Columbus Parent is moving back to with this issue. This location previously produced the magazine from 1993 until 2010.

For you, the readers, this move probably won't be at all noticeable, but for me it certainly will be! While I am rejoining a talented team, many of whom have worked on the magazine and its award-winning website before, I am leaving behind an equally amazing team of professionals who have not only played a huge role in creating our print and online products, but they have made coming to work each day an absolute pleasure and delight. And while their contributions will continue to appear in the magazine for many months to come, this is the last issue they officially get to help push out the door.

It's not an easy change for any of us, but it's wonderful to know that every hand and set of eyes that has touched this magazine has made an indelible and valuable contribution to its 25-year history. Here's to the next 25!