January 2014 Books for Kids

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

"JAZZY IN THE JUNGLE" by Lucy Cousins

Baby Jazzy, the ring-tailed lemur, is playing hide-and-seek in the jungle. Will his mother Mama JoJo be able to find him? Children will love turning the die-cut pages as they search the rainforest for Jazzy. Is he by the tum tum trees or the fliff fluff flowers? Mama JoJo encounters all the creatures of the jungle on her journey. This beautifully illustrated story by the creator of Maisy will be a favorite!

"THE ANIMAL BOOK" by Steve Jenkins

If it goes even one hour without eating, the tiny Etruscan shrew can starve to death. Darwin's frog tadpoles grow into baby frogs inside a pouch in their father's throat. The Japanese flying squid can soar 150 feet through the air. These and thousands more amazing facts are contained in award-winning artist Jenkins' most spectacular book yet. Lavishly illustrated with his signature torn-paper artwork, The Animal Book covers every aspect of the animal kingdom - from family life to defense systems, entertaining extremes to the history of life on earth. This book will reward repeat readings by all members of your family.

"BO AT BALLARD CREEK" by Kirkpatrick Hill

Bo is a young girl growing up in an Alaskan mining camp in the 1920s. Abandoned by her mother, she is brought up from babyhood by Jack and Arvid, two of the large and rugged men who work at the mining camp. Bo has a wonderful childhood and is beloved by all the "boys" of the mining camp and the families of the Inuit village who live and work amongst the miners. Find out what you wear when you are playing outside in minus 30-degree weather and how exactly the miners got gold from deep in the earth. This sweet story brings a distant time and place to vivid life.


Waking up the morning after a party, Tana finds herself in a house full of blood and bodies. The only other survivors are her ex-boyfriend, tied to a bed and waiting to be drained by a vampire, and a stranger - an odd-acting boy with a lot to hide. Their lives in danger, the three end up fleeing to her city's Coldtown. In a world where vampires are real, humans allow the vampires to live in peace - quarantined within Coldtowns. The only problem for Tana is that, human or not, after you enter a Coldtown…you can never leave. This is the perfect book for teens who like their female heroines strong and capable, and their vampires blood-thirsty and murderous.

-Laura Nawojchik, Youth Services Librarian, Whetstone Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library


An expansion to the award-winning MyPlayHome, an interactive dollhouse, My PlayHome Stores ($1.99) allows young users to take their family of characters out of the home and into the neighborhood. Choose a family from a multi-cultural cast, and choose which family member you want to play with. Visit the ice cream shop, the grocery store, a clothing boutique and a produce market where you can create your own fresh juice. There is great attention to detail: When you mix different colors of slushie, a new color is created; you cannot load your bags too heavily at the grocery store; and fruits you take a bite out of at the market decrease in weight. This app encourages your child to be creative and use their imagination. It will provide hours of open-ended free play.

-Laura Nawojchik