What's the Buzz?

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Parenting is packed with buzzwords that come and go. Let's decipher some of them and figure out if they've got value for you!

BUZZ TERM: Balanced Literacy

WHAT IT MEANS: Balanced Literacy refers to a comprehensive approach to literacy learning. A balanced approach includes 10 components: reading, literature, phonics and other skills, strategies, vocabulary, comprehension, literature, content-area study, oral language, writing and spelling. Balanced-literacy programs are as unique as the teachers and students who use them, but they all keep literature at the center. The goal of this method is to create lifelong learners who have all of the communication tools necessary for success as adults.

WHERE IT COMES FROM: Balanced literacy is a type of reading curriculum, so textbooks and guides have been written for the use of teachers. For a more parent-oriented resource, try Beyond Bedtime Stories: A Parents' Guide to Promoting Reading, Writing, and Other Literacy Skills from Birth to 5, by V. Susan Bennett-Armistead, Nell K. Duke and Annie M. Moses.

-Melissa Boyd