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"MR. TIGER GOES WILD" by Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger is a proper tiger who is tired of behaving just like everyone else. One day he decides to shake things up and go wild. He starts by walking on all fours and leaping across rooftops, shocking the entire city. Mr. Tiger loves it so much he runs away to the wilderness where he can completely be himself. However, Mr. Tiger finds that maybe he went too far as he misses his friends, his home and his city. When Mr. Tiger returns home he finds that things are changing there, too, as everyone is realizing it's OK to be just a little bit wild as well.

"OCEAN COUNTING" by Janet Lawler

From warm coral reefs to the ice of Antarctica, children get a chance to see animals up close in this fun counting book. Each page features a full-spread photograph of the animal as well as fun facts. Many pages ask questions of the reader for more interaction and, at the end, there is a short profile of each animal that tells the reader about the animal's home, size, diet, predators and babies.

"NORTH OF NOWHERE" by Liz Kessler

Mia's summer is about to take an unexpected turn when her grandfather suddenly disappears. Mia and her mother rush off to the seaside village of Porthaven to help Mia's grandmother. Mia expects boring days filled with helping out at the pub owned by her grandparents and trying to stay out of the way. However, Mia finds a diary in an empty fishing boat and she starts writing back and forth with the diary's owner, a girl named Dee about Mia's age. The two girls try several times to meet up, but it seems like fate is keeping them apart. Mia can't understand why it seems like Dee is seeing a different Porthaven with stormy skies while Mia's skies are blue and, more importantly, why did her grandfather disappear?


Ellie is living in the quiet town of Henly, Maine, when she receives an e-mail by mistake asking her to walk Wilbur, the pet pig of a 17-year-old boy in California. While clearing up the misunderstanding, the pair start e-mailing each other back and forth and become close friends online without even learning each other's names. However, Ellie's quiet town is about to get a dose of chaos when Graham Larkin, teen heartthrob and Ellie's secret online pen pal, learns his newest movie needs a new set location. He suggests Henly, the town Ellie let slip in an e-mail. Graham hopes to find Ellie and see if the connection they've built online can stand up to reality. But can a relationship between a small-town girl with secrets of her own and a movie star really work out?

-Rachel Rynski, Homework Help Center Specialist, Main Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library


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-Rachel Rynski