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Psi Bands

Looking forward to family car trips this summer, but not to carsick kids in the backseat? Try Psi Bands (two for $14.99), an FDA-approved, drug-free treatment for motion sickness. These colorful, waterproof bands harness acupressure to fight nausea (they also work on morning sickness and nausea caused by anesthesia and chemotherapy).

Available at Babies R Us, CVS or Meijer stores,

Proving you're never too old to change, 144-year-old Graeter's has rolled out two new product lines: Gelato and "A Little Less Indulgent," a reduced-sugar ice cream. The former is an Italian-style treat, while the latter reduces sugar by 50 percent and fat and calories by 25 percent. Both are made with Graeter's famous two-gallon-at-a-time, French-pot production process.

Available online, in Graeter's stores and in select grocery stores,

Hoy's Toys is a Dublin-based purveyor of made-in-Ohio books, toys and learning games. We're loving this United We Stand Word Game ($10): It uses 52 cards to help kids (and crossword-loving grown-ups) learn their Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and more! Games can be played solitaire-style or as group competitions.

Available at Celebrate Local, 3952 Townsfair Way (Easton), Columbus 43219 or online at