What's the Buzz?

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Parenting is packed with buzzwords that come and go. Let's decipher some of them and figure out if they've got value for you!

BUZZ TERM: Dialogic Reading

WHAT IT MEANS: Dialogic reading is a reading strategy that research shows is a powerful tool for fostering early literacy. When an adult reads aloud to a very young child, important reading information is conveyed. This straightforward reading is powerful, but dialogic reading enhances the experience even further. The technique is fairly simple: To read dialogically with a child, ask questions about what is happening on the page ("do you think the caterpillar is still hungry or is he finished eating now?") and what might happen next, then wait patiently and give the child time to respond. If the answer is "I don't know," narrow down the question so the child feels more confident about answering ("Who is bigger, Papa Bear or Baby Bear?").

WHERE IT COMES FROM: Educational researcher Dr. Grover Whitehurst's studies of reading and learning led to the widespread adaptation of dialogic reading techniques in the classroom and other literacy learning environments. For more information, visit readingrockets.org/article/400.