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Columbus Parent

Dear Columbus Parents,

Forgive us here at Columbus Parent as we engage in a little self-indulgent celebration. This issue marks the 25th anniversary of the magazine's publication! That's quite a milestone in this day and age when magazines come and go with dizzying speed.

Putting together the story about our anniversary actually started last summer when I contacted Linda Deitch, one of my favorite Dispatch librarians (The Dispatch building in downtown Columbus houses a very comprehensive library, and its staff is amazing when it comes to research. It's also my favorite place to curl up with a stack of magazines when my brain is fried and I need a break from my magazine.).

Piecing together Columbus Parent's history was a monumental challenge involving records searches both online and in warehouses. For starters, we found out the magazine was not launched in 1988 as we originally thought. It began as a paid-subscription magazine out of Worthington in 1989 and it was called Columbus Kids: It became Columbus Parent in 1990. (Incidentally, offering the option of paid - and mail-delivered - subscriptions has long been on our wish list: Please let me know if you wish for it, too! Send me an email at and let me know what you think would be a reasonable charge for a monthly subscription.).

But then, in the research process, we started having some more fun, investigating how much parenting life has changed in the last 25 years. Now, back in 1989, parenthood was not on my radar. Not even close! But, not too many years later, there I was with my first bambino. Suddenly words like "Snugli" and "jog stroller" were part of my vocabulary. But I was also navigating my new life without words like "Starbucks" and "GPS" - words that new parents today probably cannot fathom living without!

So we've documented many of these changes, including the prices of staple foods and supplies as well as changes to local family institutions like the Columbus Zoo and Nationwide Children's Hospital.

And in this issue we also take a look at the fun of parenting today, whether it's defined by the pets that bring love (and sometimes allergies) into our lives, the parties that are such a wonderful part of family life, or the DIY dads who, with hammer and nail, create the most fabulous playhouses and play ships!

So get out there, Columbus parents, and celebrate all that is fun and fabulous about parenting our beautiful children!