Preschool Pearls of Wisdom

Kristy Eckert

Life with a 4-year-old: It's never dull.

So last year, I bought a cute little notebook and tucked it into the most easily accessible drawer in the kitchen. My mission? To immediately record notable quotes, as they happened, all year. It was the best $5 I've ever spent.

Here are highlights that may inspire you to buy your own.

Cooper, to our 4-year-old neighbor, after her 78th attempt to hit the ball: "OK - you're out."

Momma: "She is not out. She gets to keep trying."

Coop: "It's three strikes and you're out. She's had way more."

Momma: "I know, but she is learning."

Coop: "This is not about learning! This is about HITTING and RUNNING!"

Coop: "I wish I could marry her."

Coop: "Momma, do you know how to spell Tony Stark?"

Momma: "T-O-N-Y S-T-A-R-K."

Coop: "OK. That's what I want my tattoo to say."

Coop: "Do you know that when guys buy girls flowers, they take off their clothes?"

Daddy: "I wish it were that easy, buddy."

Coop: "I don't want any kissing - even if you get married and he becomes your wife!"

Daddy: "Momma, how many timeouts do you think Cooper has had in his life? Over 1,000?"

Momma: "No, but definitely in the hundreds."

Coop: "Hey guys … who wants to talk about Jesus?"

…And that leads me to the column name change. When Columbus Parent relaunched a few years back and invited me to write a column, we wanted it to be a reminder to moms to take time for themselves. And I tried to give reminders by writing about topics from running to gift ideas.

Then, it started happening: Jane (Hawes, the editor) and I would have a glass of wine, talk about life/kid stories/the hilarity of common stresses, and columns were born.

Suddenly, I realized the focus had shifted. Thus, the name is shifting, too, to something more reflective of my rambles: The Modern Momma.

Hopefully it can offer a tidbit of happy (whether it's random kid quotes or where to go for a killer haircut) or just serve as a reminder that we're all in this adventure together. Because we are. And it's one of the very best parts.

-Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.