Kid Pic of the Month

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Columbus Parent

Pictured here: Myleigh Jo Kinter, 5 years old

Submitted by: Her mother, Andrea Kinter

The backstory from Andrea, who is a professional photographer: "I was setting up getting ready for work and she walked in with her hair a mess and a big old tank top on and asked if I would take her picture. So we played a game and every time I made an animal noise she had to do a different pose all on her own, this was somewhere in the middle of her 10-15 different poses."

Sponsored by: Columbus Academy


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On the 10th of each month, our staff will select one winner and notify that person, and then that photo will appear in the next issue. All photos entered will automatically be in the running for our annual Win the Cover contest (the winner appears on our December issue's cover).

A few additional rules/guidelines:

Only one submission per child per month will be accepted (and it will be the first one you send). Any others sent will be discarded.

Only one child should be featured in the photo (we only select one winner).

You must be a resident of the central Ohio area.

Make sure the child's face is viewable in the photo (while the overall photo might be cute, if we can't see the child's face, we can't select him or her as a winner).

You must be a parent, grandparent or legal guardian of a child in order to enter a photo.