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Bear only wants a nice berry breakfast, but once he finds one, it takes him out from his forest to an interesting new place. And there he finds your wonderful, scrumptious, all-alone sandwich! Follow this quirky, curious bear as he bumbles through odd new surroundings in search of something yummy. Beautiful, dynamic illustrations draw readers into Bear's world as he pokes his charming nose into trouble. But does this bear really eat your sandwich? Readers may be in for a surprise.

I SEE A PATTERN HERE by Bruce Goldstone What do beehives, kaleidoscopes and the Alhambra palace all have hidden inside? Patterns! I See a Pattern Here introduces readers to all different types of patterns through vibrant photographs of nature, art and everyday objects. Learn the math lingo behind each pattern with "MathSpeak" blurbs about reflection, symmetry, rotation, tessellations and more. The book includes pattern-finding activities and ideas for making patterns from scratch with blocks, paper or even a potato.

ALL THE ANSWERS by Kate Messner

Ava is a worrier. She stresses over things like math tests and band tryouts, but also over goats, thunderstorms, the flesh-eating bacteria she once saw on a TV show and, of course, the worries that come with being a middle school student. But when Ava grabs a pencil from the family junk drawer, she picks up some unexpected answers to all her worries. This blue, average-looking pencil magically answers any factual question Ava writes! But the more answers she gets, the more questions she has. Get drawn up in Ava's head as she figures out the best use for her new magic pencil.


Though they share a name and geography, each London is a drastically different place. Grey, Red, White and Black London dwell in separate universes and are sealed off from one another so tightly that most people don't even remember that other Londons exist. But Kell is an exception and an extraordinary "mage." But when he steps into another London for what seems to be a routine correspondence, he stumbles onto some very dangerous magic - the kind some cutthroat characters will stop at nothing to claim. This enthralling tale is filled with intrigue and wonder enough to hook any fan of magic and the unknown.

-Anne Meuser, Youth Services Specialist, Linden Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library

HOMES by Tinybop

Winner of a Parents' Choice Gold Award, this app zaps users from their home straight into homes all across the world. Play and explore in a Brooklyn brownstone row house, a Guatemalan adobe house, a Mongolian yurt and a Yemeni tower house, each surrounded by the everyday sights and sounds unique to its area. Look inside, outside and even behind the scenes in these homes. Every crevice of this app is full of intricate detail, which opens up great play space for discovery and learning. Tinybop also provides a free Homes Handbook PDF online with in-depth information about each home, tips for interacting with details in the app and prompts for conversations to start about Homes. With more than 20 homey spaces and interactive labels available in more than 50 languages, Homes ($3.99 in the App Store) gives young world explorers much to talk about and discover.

-Anne Meuser