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YOU ARE MY BABY: FARM by Lorena Siminovich

This charming two-in-one board book, starring baby farm animals and their parents, gives even the youngest of readers a chance to participate in the story. Little fingers will delight in turning the pages of the smaller book cozied into the large one as they uncover each adorable baby animal. Children will have the opportunity to hone both their vocabulary and fine motor skills with each bright, colorful book in this series, meeting new animal friends along the way.


Did you know that a dragonfly and a fire truck travel at the same speed? Would you believe that a high-speed train and a Peregrine falcon both travel at 217 mph? Discover these facts and more in Full Speed Ahead! How Fast Things Go. Included in this book is a glossary which gives detailed information about each item featured. With its simple, colorful illustrations highlighting everything from millipedes to Viking ships, kids and adults alike will pick this book up again and again!


Twins Claudia and Reese are at war! Between the covers of this book you will find the authentic details, according to Claudia, of the events leading up to and throughout this war. Using narrative, illustrations, interviews, stolen text messages and guest authors, Claudia recounts events such as "Operation Fishy Revenge" and "The War Comes to Planet Amigo." How long can you leave a dead fish in your brother's backpack before it begins to smell worse than his dirty soccer uniform, which also happens to be in said backpack? If you secretly record a video of your sister singing a love song about her crush and post it online, are you following the rules of engagement? Will the Tapper twins ever find peace (with each other)? Readers who enjoy books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series will quickly become a fan of The Tapper Twins Go to War (with each other)!


This novel chronicles the journey of Abigail and her family as they follow religious leader Brother John, who is prophesizing the "end times." With preoccupied parents donating all their worldly goods to Brother John and an angry brother sneaking out to find trouble, Abigail must learn to navigate on her own. Honest and powerful, this book will compel readers to ask themselves what they would do in a similar situation. No Parking at the End Times is a riveting read for teens who appreciate a character-driven narrative.

-Brandy Biegler, Youth Services Supervisor, Franklinton Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library


This interactive website, founded and led by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, allows kids to learn about and be a part of democratic action through engaging games, activities and discussions. One such game, People's Pie, gives kids the opportunity to learn about budgeting and decision making as they are put in charge of the federal budget. In balancing this budget, they will need to make decisions about raising or lowering taxes, funding programs through bills, and borrowing money while also maintaining the approval rating of American citizens and keeping their eye on the "pie" (in this case a cherry pie) representing the federal budget. This user-friendly game is a perfect conversation starter for parents wanting to talk with their kids about the concepts of saving and spending. This game and others on the site will provide hours of educational play for kids of all ages. Additionally, this website includes free lesson plans and learning activities aligned to state curriculum for educators.

-Brandy Biegler