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Monkey wants to win the Rhyming Contest so he can go on a three-day cruise. He asks his friend Duck to enter with him. However, every time Monkey starts a rhyme and coaches Duck to finish the rhyme, Duck only says "Quack." Will Monkey be able to get Duck to rhyme with him so they can win the three-day cruise? This hilarious story will keep kids laughing and rhyming all the way through!

REALLY? OCEAN from the superstars of ocean science, with a foreword by Philippe Cousteau Jr.

What a fascinating nonfiction book that is also educational! Students will find great facts for projects and reports, but anyone interested in learning more about ocean creatures will love this book. The information is direct from oceanographers working in the field, and includes not only fascinating facts but also descriptions of how they were learned through experiments and observations. The book is filled with many, many amazing photographs. This is definitely one that will be enjoyed over and over again.

AVA AND TACO CAT byCarol Weston

This book is told in diary form by Ava Wren, who loves to write. Her father is a writer; in fact all of the names in their family are palindromes: Ava, Pip, Mom and Dad. Maybe they could even add a pet to their family? Ava has always wanted a cat. So when her mom tells them all about a cat who was injured and brought to the vet clinic, Ava decides that is the cat for her. She begs and pleads and, after much discussion, they bring the cat home to live with them on Ava's 11th birthday. Ava thinks the cat will snuggle up, purr and love her right away. But that is not the case. Taco Cat is afraid of everything and hides all the time. Will he ever come out, will he love her, or will she regret getting a cat of her very own?


Sydney is used to living in the shadows of her older brother, Peyton. Everything has been about him for as long as she can remember. Peyton has been getting into trouble with school, his parents and the law for years. This time is different, though: He was driving drunk and hit a teenager on his bike, paralyzing him. Now Peyton is serving real prison time and their parents can't bail him out. Sydney decides she needs to make a change, choosing to leave her private high school and start over at the public school. There, she makes new friends and she is not just the sister of Peyton; she is Sydney and that is enough. This book is a very sensitive story about a teen who finds herself and where she fits in life.

-Amy Hay, Youth Services Librarian, Gahanna Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library


This is a very simple, interactive app for the preschool child. Children who are 2-3 start enjoying puzzles of varying degrees. In this app, each letter is represented by pieces of a puzzle with the picture in the background. The child has to put the puzzle together in order to hear what letter the object represents. For example, there is an apple for the letter A. The child has to put the apple together and then he/she hears "A for Apple." It goes all the way through the alphabet and also into counting. This free educational app is a great way to help young children learn their alphabet! Available from and other sites.

-Amy Hay