Moments in Time

Kristy Eckert

I made my first time capsule when I was about 8. After several futile attempts to unearth it years later, my friend's dad (rightfully) forbid us from digging any more holes in their yard. (Lesson learned: Always make a map.)

In eighth grade, my love for creating such little historic gems grew when one of our teachers gave each of us 6-foot scrolls. We each lay on our scroll and had a friend trace our body. Then, at our teacher's directive, we wrote specific tidbits about our lives - favorite subject, best friend, dream job, secret crush. At the end of our senior year, the scrolls were hung around our high school. Laughter abounded. It was awesome.

When my stepsons were 10, we made a family time capsule. After I promised 47 times not to read anything, everyone filled out questionnaires. We opened them when the boys graduated high school, and despite their reluctance to create them as kids, they enjoyed the hilarity of opening them as young men.

Now, my little man is 6, and a new time capsule is underway. If you're looking for inspiration for one of your own, here's the question list we're using.

Enjoy! And don't forget the map.



Favorite food:

Favorite restaurant:

Favorite movie:

Favorite store:

Favorite hobby:

Favorite team:

Favorite athlete:

Favorite song:

Favorite place:

Best vacation ever:

The smartest person I know is:

The kindest person I know is:

The funniest person I know is:

The most fun person I know is:

I like it when my mom:

I like it when my dad:

I like it when my sister:

I like it when my brother:

Best friend:

Secret crush:

Perfect Saturday:



When I grow up, I want to:

Five things I love:






If I could invite any three people, alive or departed, to a dinner party, I'd have:




-Kristy Eckert is a Powell mom and the Chief Communication Officer at Flying Horse Farms, a camp in Mount Gilead that provides magical experiences for children with serious illnesses. You can reach her at