Books for Kids

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Two Is Enough by Janna Matthies

This sweet picture book highlights how single parent and one-child families are special, and how two is enough to make a loving family. It is also full of great rhyming words that will help get children ready for kindergarten.

Grayling's Songby Karen Cushman

This is a story about a girl who must save her mother from an evil force. Grayling's Song is full of adventure and clever characters. Grayling's mother is a healer and wise woman. A shadow attacks and burns their cottage, stealing their grimoire and rooting her mother into the ground like a tree. Sent with only a basket of spells and her mother's powerful songs, Grayling must find a way to get help and stop the shadow. This comes out in early June, and it will be popular so place your reserve now.

Summerlost by Ally Condie

Cedar Lee's father and brother are killed in an accident. Her mother tries to create a new normal for Cedar and her brother Miles by buying a summer house in the small town where she grew up. One day Cedar follows a boy in costume on his bike and discovers the Summerlost Shakespeare Festival, which makes her summer more interesting than expected. This is a story about family, grief, finding a new normal, friendship and a dash of mystery.

The Art of Not Breathingby Sarah Alexander

This is a story about a family where everything has fallen apart. Elise's twin brother, Eddie, is gone. He disappeared in the ocean when they were 11 years old. Elsie is now 16 and her family, especially her mother, is a mess. Elsie is not allowed near the water except when her family has its yearly ceremony to say goodbye to Eddie. So when Elsie becomes fascinated with free diving, she knows she must keep it a secret. Elsie falls in love with being underwater and believes if she can only dive deep enough she can figure out the mystery of what really happened to Eddie. FOR TEENS

-Kris Hickey, Youth Services Supervisor, Whitehall Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library

Doodle Math: Shapes

Children need to know their shapes before they start kindergarten. From circles to octagons to semicircles and hexagons, this fun series of games will help children learn how to draw and recognize shapes. The concepts repeat through different activities to help the learning sink in. FOR AGES 3-5

-Kris Hickey